January 2011 (107) – Happy New 2011!

All of us at IFS would like to wish our readers a happy, healthy and successful 2011.

I gave myself a break this Christmas so that you in turn can all have a break this January i.e. no technical article this month. So this will be a short newsletter simply outlining some ideas we have on the topic of corporate migration for 2011. As our regular readers will know, I believe this is an area of tax planning which will be as popular in the coming years as offshore companies were in previous decades, yet far more technically demanding.

The last two newsletters have concentrated on issues relating to corporate residence and the place of effective management of companies, as well as the relatively new concept of corporate migration through the processes of either re-domiciliation, merger/fusion with foreign entities, changing the place of effective management or using the new European company concept. For those who missed these newsletters, please click here and you will be directed to both of them.

In view of the considerable interest that has been shown by our readers, particularly requesting information as to how corporate migration can be an effective tax planning tool where maintaining the status quo will result in significant tax assessments, we have decided to hold a series of informal presentations during the first six months of the year in the following locations:

London, Channel Islands, Limassol, Geneva, Zurich, Monaco, Amsterdam, and Luxembourg.

If you would like to attend these presentations or receive information regarding corporate migration techniques, please click here and let us know your preferred location.

2010 was an exceptionally busy year for IFS and it looks like 2011 will be an equally busy year, judging from the current array of transactions in which our clients are involved. We do hope that you achieve all that you hope for during this year, and look forward to continuing our working relationship.