October 2011 (115) – Invitation to ITSAPT Conference 2011

Dear Friends

Have you or your clients thought about moving your personal tax residence out of the UK – or the US? And into Switzerland – or Spain – or perhaps Israel or even further afield in Singapore or Hong Kong? Or providing advice to non-residents on pre-immigration planning before arriving in the UK, US or Canada? 

Or on the corporate residence issue, would you like to find out the possibilities of transferring a company’s tax residence from one jurisdiction to another without tax penalties? What are the UK, EU and OECD issues governing this area of corporate tax planning which has been largely unexplored to date. 

We will be discussing the above at the second ITSAPT conference presented by IFS and sponsored by Barclays Wealth – on corporate and personal migration as per the attached programme for booking details. The date is November 3rd at the Landmark Hotel, London and the conference will host speakers from 20 different countries ending in a cocktail party where delegates and speakers can discuss the issues of the day. 

Amongst these issues will be the UK’s new statutory residence test, the US’ tax issues around migration, the requirements for beneficial tax residence status in Switzerland, Spain, Malta, Israel and may other countries, pre-immigration trust planning, the EU merger directive and how it can facilitate corporate migration from one country to another, the latest ECJ cases relating to corporate and personal migration … and many many more. 

We now have limited places available so please submit your booking form application as soon as possible. 

I look forward to welcoming you at the conference. 

Kind regards 

Roy Saunders